4 Weeks To the Perfect Candidate

July 5, 2017

Five years ago, we set out to offer a unique recruitment experience for clients and candidates – one that was focused on quality, in depth development knowledge and true collaboration by being an extension of our clients employment brand – not a sales driven approach. Today, we can let you in on a secret: we delivered on that intention. With the launch of our new website, we thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share one such experience to give you a peek into what working with us might look like.

Recently, we were approached by an innovative educational technology company with a single but challenging mission: to find the perfect Vice President, Technology to join their team. Let’s begin by pointing out that a company like this doesn’t just call up any recruiter – thanks to our former colleague, they were introduced to our services.

A key hire with big expectations

The executive candidate they were looking for would have high expectations to meet with a challenging mandate. The client expected that it would take quite a while to find this person – but with our extensive network of previous colleagues and partners in the technology world, the first and only candidate we presented proved to be a fantastic fit and was hired within four weeks!

The perfect fit

As the Vice President, Technology, the placed candidate become our client. Since then, we’ve helped their company fill several roles. In our follow up with him, he described his experience working with us as “the best experience I’ve ever had dealing with a recruiter.”

The key to the success of this placement is our innate understanding of the role. We were very quickly able to identify the type of person qualified and looking for the interesting and meaningful challenge this role presented. As a father, the placed VP knew that using his skills to change the education industry would be the perfect opportunity.

A new relationship and partnership

This experience is truly what makes us unique: by understanding the real demands of our client’s needs, leveraging strong relationships in the industry and approaching the challenge with care and intention, we were able to present a perfect fit and find a new partner in the process.

How you fit in

If you’re a prospective client or candidate, we thrive on supporting our community by introducing people to great opportunities. We would love to help you.

Learn more about this story here.

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