Why Community Matters in Tech Recruitment

September 14, 2017

“Strive not to be a success, but to be of value.” – Albert Einstein

If you’ve worked with us before, you’ll know that one thing is at the heart of everything we do: community. We love building relationships and connections with candidates and clients alike. It’s been said to us many times that it’s an underrated quality – especially in the tech recruitment space today. In this post, we’d like to share our experiences to showcase why community is important and how making it a core philosophy can make a difference in your work.

Challenge yourself to view things through a different lens

What propels your business forward? Is it sales and closing deals? When those are your driving forces, it’s easy to lose sight of the business’ foundation and long-term goals. Wouldn’t you rather take a moment to see how you can better serve others?

We see it all the time: recruiters may sometimes react negatively when a candidate turns down what they perceive as the perfect job for them. Instead, the focus should be to seek out the candidates dream job by developing a relationship, rather than shutting it down. Their dream job might not be within immediate reach either.  It may take years, but when it does comes along, you have their ear because you have listened. By making community a central part of what you do, you can approach your work with more intention and forge connections for years to come.

Set yourself apart from the crowd

Unfortunately, the recruitment industry is very sales-driven, and this often leads to cold calls and inboxes filled with disingenuous LinkedIn messages to client and candidates. If a recruiter has to meet a quota of speaking to 10 people per week, it doesn’t matter if those candidates are a good fit – they are simply ticking the boxes on their weekly status report.  

Our approach is simple: we thrive on introducing opportunities to talented people in a thoughtful, strategic way. Whether a candidate reached out one month or one year ago, we remember every person we deal with and want to know what would transform their personal or professional life. By viewing our candidates as people to serve rather than a number on a call sheet, we have the ability to build and nurture relationships, create community and change lives in a very tangible, rewarding way.

Forge rewarding relationships

We believe in providing support, advice and referrals to talent looking for work, or clients struggling to hire -whether it is to benefit us financially in the short or long term or not at all. Case in point: we’ve offered sincere, solid advice to a candidate who was negotiating an offer with another hiring agency. It wasn’t for our personal benefit – it was for theirs and he got the job!  That candidate has sinced referred several friends to us, because we focused on the candidate and what was best for him. In turn, we forged a great relationship – community comes first.

We know our approach may not be the ideal for everyone in the recruiting industry, but we believe that a focus on building genuine relationships is in the best interests of the candidates we are serving, not the commission cheque after closing a deal. By adopting a service mindset and community philosophy to provide value, we have seen it propel our business in a far more impactful way in the long run. Where there’s meaningful partnerships, there is power.

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