Introducing: On-Demand VFX/Animation Recruiting

October 22, 2018

There’s some exciting new developments at Creative Technology Resources – especially with the addition of our wonderful new Talent Acquisition Specialist, Heather Zolis! And as it turns out, she’s already bringing a brand-new offering to our team that’s designed specifically for VFX and Animation industry professionals.

If you’ve ever….

  • Suddenly needed a brand new team of artists to accommodate last minute project changes…
  • Struggled with onboarding a brand new team due to shifting client requirements and schedules…
  • Felt frustrated with junior recruitment services in the midst of a hiring crisis…
  • Hired a new team out of desperation, only to find that they weren’t quite the fit you were looking for…

Then you’ll probably be very interested in our new service…

On-Demand VFX & Animation Recruiting

Your flexible crisis recruitment solution for VFX & Animation candidates

Why it’s needed

In all her years working in recruitment, digital media, project leadership and more, Heather saw a major gap that needed to be filled. When it comes to the VFX/Animation industry, there’s constant change – be it demanding VFX scope changes or an Animation studios sudden need to double teams to deliver projects on time.  

Out of nowhere, you now need 20 new artists on your team – like yesterday!

The problem is trying to find a recruitment agency that deeply understands what candidates your team needs, that is well-connected to senior-level candidates, and that can deliver within your tight timelines,  is no easy feat.

Lucky for us (and you!) – it’s one of Heather’s superpowers.  Over the span of her career, she’s become well-known as a go-to resource specialist to pull through and deliver for her clients in a crisis, every time.

That’s why we’re introducing On-Demand VFX & Animation Recruiting – with Heather at the forefront as your new flexible team member.


Here are just some of the services we’ll be able to provide for your VFX/Animation team:

  • Sourcing qualified candidates
  • Onboarding new hires
  • On-site or remote support
  • Custom solutions for your needs
  • Crisis recruitment support

Best of all: you can hire Heather for these services in a flexible arrangement that works best for you – whether it’s a fixed bundle of hours, part-time contract or temporary full-time engagement.

Why choose us

This highly specialized service isn’t one that we’d be offering if we didn’t know that it was much-needed in the VFX/Animation industry, and that we had the right people on our team who could deliver with care, compassion and precision.

Here’s what Heather brings to the table with her:

A qualified network: She’s connected to candidates at the top of their game in the VFX/Animation industry, and has them reaching out to her constantly. That means when you’re in a pinch, she can tap into a massive network of quality candidates in a second.

A customized approach: Heather often says that her greatest skill is her ability to create custom, cost-effective solutions for VFX/Animation clients – without skimping on heart, and quality. She’ll take the necessary time it to listen to your needs, understand your team’s strengths, and present the best possible options that are doable on your budget.

A team player attitude: If your team needs to bring a dedicated recruitment or resource specialist on for a limited time, Heather’s ability to assimilate, provide value, and adapt quickly to get the job done are unmatched.

If you’re looking for flexible, customized support to bring on quality VFX/Animation candidates at any point in time, this new service is for you!

Get in touch to learn more.

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