Ensuring a fit beyond the description.

How we help

Creative Technology Resources - Vancouver Recruitment Consultant
Our Services

CTR provides full-time, consulting, contract recruitment services to companies that ship digital product. As highly-specialized development experts, we are focused on building and strengthening teams by recruiting and coaching the industry’s best.

Creative Technology Resources - Vancouver Recruitment Consultant
Our Method

We collaborate with our clients to build competitive technical and creative teams that drive innovation in the global marketplace. We leverage our vast network of former colleagues, candidates, and clients to reach candidates that don’t just tick the boxes but are a cultural match for our client.

Creative Technology Resources - Vancouver Recruitment Consultant
Our results

We present few candidates, each with a high placement ratio. We go beyond traditional recruitment practices to help you hire the hard-to-find talent your company needs. Quickly.

How it works

Contingency Search

Contingency search is a low-risk option for finding incredible talent. With this option, the client only pays if they hire the talent CTR finds for them. The fee is based on a set rate that is negotiated prior to the commencement of the recruitment process.

Retained Search

Retained search offers an affordable, flat-fee service that can be easier on the budget. This option is excellent for high-volume recruiting or a limited/fixed budget. The client pays a pre-negotiated fixed fee, monthly or weekly. With a retained search, CTR can scale to your needs.

How We Work With You


The Foundation. We start by helping you identify the type of talent you need. We learn everything we can about your company culture, brand and team. Our goal is to be an extension of your brand as your recruitment partner – not the traditional sales-driven recruitment service provider.


Coaching and Support. Through coaching and support we forge lasting relationships with your company and candidates. Working with your hiring managers and HR team, we can provide expertise and support in the following areas:

  • Organizational and Team Development. Supporting everything from organizational structures and development methodologies to defining role requirements and creating job descriptions.
  • Process Improvement.Helping define your interview processes, coaching the interviewers, and improving the overall candidate experience from end-to-end.
  • Onboarding: We stay in close contact with you and your candidate throughout the onboarding process and during the first 90 days of employment.

Building the Team. Recruiting the best talent requires thought, care and skill. We don’t post jobs. We source passive candidates that are a skills, value and culture match. Through very targeted searches we engage the right talent through our network in a very informed, thoughtful and deliberate way.


The Candidate Experience. Always acting as an extension of your brand, we focus on creating a positive first impression with your candidate through knowledgeable, respectful and professional communication.


Interview and Reference Checks. We have multi-tiered approach to interviewing that focuses on a range of both technical and non-technical skills, but also on discovering what makes our candidates tick—their drivers, motivators, and preferences. Recruiting is about people, not about resumes. Through this process, we offer high-quality candidates that are a culture match with our clients’ organizations.

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