Meet Ryan

VP Technology


I was considering new opportunities when CTR reached out to me about a VP Technology role with an innovative educational technology company.  I knew David and Nathalie from experience and was very open to speaking with them.

The opportunity presented aligned perfectly with my own personal values and career interests. As a parent, the opportunity to work on educational technology was appealing as was the technical challenge and overall company profile. However, the location and timing were a challenge.

CTR provided me with exceptional guidance and advice in overcoming the logistical obstacles. The focus was on the opportunity and my interests to ensure a great fit.  Nathalie supported discussion with the client to work out an arrangement that was amenable to both parties.

By understanding the real demands of the client as well as taking time to understand what I was looking for and the realities of my current situation, they leveraged strong relationships approaching the challenge with care and intention to secure me an amazing opportunity in the process.  Working with CTR is the best experience I’ve had dealing with a Recruiter.

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Meet James
Senior Rendering Engineer

"My wife and I are so grateful to have had David's support. It made the decision to accept the offer an easy one! "

Meet Neil
Senior Software Engineer

"It was refreshing to work with a recruiting firm who placed my interests above their own. CTR skillfully managed the recruiting process from start to finish and I would not hesitate to work with them again. "

Meet Arthur
Senior Software Engineer

"Nathalie and CTR’s services were a godsend with fantastic results."

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